The basis of all successful business...

First comes the problem - then the solution! If there is no solution, you loose a lot of money, your customer, or even your business.  Do these following facts sound familiar to you?

More workplaces - Server
Hacker Attacks - Firewall
Hard drive crashed - Data recovery
Worms and Viruses - Virus protection
Mac's and PC's - Multiplatform-Server
Server crash - Redundant Data Storing
Data overkill - Relational Databases (SQL)
Need for Home-Offices - secure IP-Tunneling
International communication - Video Conferencing Systems

With every step, since the use of our first personal computer in the eighties, we have been constantly evolving in these fields. Not only did we have to keep our systems running, but we had to provide the latest technology and solutions for our customers. Now why should we keep this knowledge for us?

You can benefit from all of our experience! And you can be sure: We have been there, we have done it, we have seen it all!

But most important: We found a solution for every problem, that occured.

You can be sure that we will be happy to help you get your business started and keep it up and running.

...buying a car, or what?

Finding the right hosting services on the web is like buying a car. There are so many providers out there, that you really can't be sure which package from whom is the best. Who can you trust?

Our experience has been exactly the same. So we decided to do it on our own! We know our needs the best and our perfectionism simply stands for the best service that we provide to ourselves.

Now, of course we don't want to be just another one of those car sellers out there. It would confuse you even more. That is why we don't claim to be a hosting provider. Instead we decided to provide this premium service only to customers, who have their projects done by us. This makes sure that they can profit from our fast, reliable, and secure servers for their projects, as we do. Every project for you can be - and preferably is - programmed and maintained on our 64-bit-Unix-based Serverplatform. It doesn't have to be, but you will love it.

Our Servers are located in one of the worlds largest and best connected Server farm. Hosting provider may be proud of their numerous customers/virtual servers, but we are proud of the small amount of selected customers on our servers, just because it means the highest possible quality, performance, and reliability for YOU.




System Analysis
Networking Administration
Security Concepts
Mac OSX, OSX-Server
PC Emergency Help
Virus Protection Concepts
Server Administration
Windows 3.11 to Vista, Solaris,
Iris, Linux, Oracle, MySQL, etc.


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Static Website
Dynamic Website
Shopping Carts
E-Commerce Site
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