Photo-books & Picture DVD's...

"Do you have boxes of photos that need a breath of fresh air? Need some new energy on lasting gift ideas? Want to move someone to tears of joy? There is a way to seal some of the best memories of your life into a format that is uniquely yours -- or to create a very special gift for someone else to treasure!

My familly and I have been the very happy recipients of Chriss Kruger's, owner of CNC|media. Inc.,  professional talents. She uses your personal photos in ways we'd never thought of, to make unique large and small gifts (not necessarily books, although there's an incredible range of possibilities with those!) that are guaranteed to generate big smiles from the receiver! Even from tough guys who claim not to care about pictures!!!

I just have to talk enthusiastically about our friend from Germany... Yes, there are businesses out there who put together photo related gifts but we believe that the quality and specialness of what Chriss creates is another product entirely...her eye for detail, her humor, her technical knowledge and her perfectionism comes through in countless ways...but she's careful to let it be you who "drives" the project!"

B. Schultz

Picture Book "Canada Trip"

"Chriss, I just got my mail...I can't believe just how beautiful the pictures turned out and the way you have put them all together. I shall cherish them .. as they will remind me of your visit and the wonderful time we had together and the results there from. We have to do it all over again next year...but longer.

Thank you, thank you...what a wonderful gift..."

Ben Minns/Canada


CNC|media. Inc.